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  1. Research

    New study reveals that witnessing violence harms the brains of older teens—but ‘transcendent thinking’ may be an antidote 

    These latest findings from CANDLE researchers show that teens who think about social issues and violence in more reflective ways show greater resilience to the effects of violence exposure on their brain development.

  2. Faculty News

    After nearly a decade at USC Rossier, Stephen Aguilar earns tenure

    As Aguilar reaches the career milestone, he reflects on why tenure is essential to academia, the importance of seeing more Mexican Americans gain tenure and the legacy of Professor Emeritus Robert Rueda.

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  3. Rossier News

    USC EdTech Accelerator collaborates with Intel

    Focus will be on developing efficacious AI solutions that improve learning outcomes with an emphasis on supporting marginalized communities.

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  4. Faculty News

    Bridging equity gaps through vision care

    New study incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion into a clinical trial for age-related macular degeneration, aiming to restore vision and rebuild trust in marginalized communities.

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  5. Research

    Scaling up AI-based professional development for math teachers everywhere

    New study positively reports the impact of AI-powered teacher professional development on mathematics instruction.

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  6. Faculty News

    Huriya Jabbar awarded major grant to explore links between housing policies and school integration and desegregation

    Grant awarded by the American Institutes for Research (AIR) in the Behavioral Sciences.

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