Nooshan Ashtari


  • Technology and Education, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Heritage Language Development, Teacher Training, Reading in Second Language Acquisition, Accents and Multilingualism, Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics
Nooshan  Ashtari

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Nooshan Ashtari, Ph.D. has spent the last two decades teaching languages, graduate/undergraduate courses, and conducting research in various countries around the world. Additionally, she has 10+ years of consultation work experience with major EdTech companies and projects including educational and language acquisition tools using Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. Her dedication to such projects and the advancements made during her involvement have played a pivotal role in bringing various innovative educational tools using state-of-the-art technology. She enjoys working collaboratively and cross-functionally with other professors/researchers in academia, as well as engineering, product, design, marketing, R&D, and business teams.

 Her main research interests include Technology and Education, heritage language development, gender in language use, as well as reading in SLA among others. She is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at national and international conferences, including a keynote panel speech with world-renowned linguists Professor Noam Chomsky and Professor Stephen Krashen which can be viewed here. In addition to consistently writing and publishing academic articles, chapters, and books, she is currently working on a series of illustrated heritage language acquisition books for the next generations of immigrants worldwide using transliteration and romanization as stepping stones for successful heritage language development. You can follow her research and publications HERE.

Courses Taught

• EDUC 656: Applied Linguistics for English Language Educators
• EDUC 521: Assessment and Instruction for Diverse Language Learners
• EDUC 596: English Language Learning Design, Teaching and Technology
• EDUC 639: Approaches and Strategies of Language Teaching
• EDUC 655: Social Foundations of Language Education (Sociolinguistics)
• EDUC 649: Teaching Practice to Support Language Learners
• EDUC 526: Language Teaching: Planning and Instruction (Theories)
• EDUC 596: Transformative Advocacy in Language Education
• EDUC 672: Integrated Language Development across the Curriculum