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USC Rossier offers these tools and other educator resources for teachers, administrators and counselors in K–12, higher education and educational psychology.


Teaching diversity can be challenging, particularly concepts like privilege, identity and consciousness raising. Our goal is to unpack these sensitive topics and identify ways to address them.

Features information about:

  • Effective ways to promote equity in the classroom
  • Identifying and responding to bias incidents
  • Inclusive teaching
  • Other tools

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The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused major challenges for teachers and principals, and for schools and universities. Our full catalog of resources can help.

Features information about:

  • Addressing the digital equity gap
  • Supporting online learning/emergency remote instruction
  • Dealing with social-emotional health
  • Other tools

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Teachers—and the public in general—often don’t know where to start when it comes to educating themselves about climate change.

Features information about:

  • Understanding the science behind climate change
  • Addressing climate change as a social issue
  • Teaching resources for educators
  • Other tools

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The need to keep kids safe in the classroom is essential. As educators, In loco parentis has new meaning for all of us.

As we contemplate how to address the threats we face, we want to offer some resources to educational leaders who are likely to be called upon to take action to reassure the families and staff we serve that necessary measures will be taken in an attempt to assure their safety.

Here are a few resources that we think may be helpful:

Professional Development at USC Rossier
The Office for Professional Development offers certificate and non-certificate programs as well as customized professional development for teachers, leaders & administrators in K-12, offices of education and school districts.

USC Center for Excellence in Teaching
The Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) promotes a vibrant culture of teaching and learning for the university community, for schools, and for faculty. Through a variety of programs and resources for USC faculty and future faculty (graduate fellows/TAs), CET encourages best practices in course design, instruction, and evaluation.

Educator Tips

Professor Courtney Malloy PhD ’03 on bridging the gap between research and practice

Effective collaboration between educational researchers and practitioners can help solve intractable problems in our schools and communities.

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The impacts of college student homelessness

Student homelessness is an escalating crisis at two- and four-year institutions. Here's a list of resources with ways to help for schools and educators.

How can educators create the conditions for student leadership?

Professor Julie Slayton explains that giving students meaningful opportunities to lead in the classroom extends beyond distributing materials and grants them decision-making power.

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Leading with questions rather than answers

Professor Adrian Donato EdD ’16 discusses why leaders must frame goals around the 'why.'

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The SAT may be abolished. What will replace it?

Abolishing the SAT may no longer be just a fantasy for anxious college-bound students. The University of California, which serves...

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