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  1. Research

    Student Engagement, Exploration and Development college interns celebrated for their STEM mentorship impacts

    This past academic year, 42 SEEDS college interns mentored 450 Leslie and William McMorrow Neighborhood Academic Initiative middle school students.

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  2. Education News

    EdTech Accelerator alums lead the way in integrating AI into educational tools

    Program participants are incorporating artificial intelligence into tools for a range of educational purposes, from tackling inequities in access to improving the classroom experience for students with learning disabilities. 

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  3. Research

    Julie Posselt Receives $1.2M Grant to Expand Equity in Graduate Education Consortium

    Funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation enables Posselt and team at the Pullias Center for Higher Education to build tools and grow its network to support systemic change in STEM graduate education.

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  4. Research

    USC Rossier Professor Erika Patall secures $3 million grant to study classroom agency

    Grant will study effectiveness of promoting student agency to bolster diversity in STEM classes.

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  5. Research

    USC students teach STEM to middle-schoolers, using a game

    A new research project led by Darnell Cole explores the impact of multigenerational STEM mentoring on L.A. middle schoolers.

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  6. Faculty News

    How do you combine hip-hop music and science teaching?

    USC Rossier professor Chris Emdin on working in service to youth, teaching as performance art and hip-hop’s transferable skills.

  7. Research

    USC Rossier’s Gale Sinatra fights science denial

    NSF grant will fund Sinatra’s research on instructional methods to improve students’ evaluation of online sources.

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  8. Alumni Story

    Michelle Hooks MAT ’17 blends STEM to inspire kids

    At NASA, Hooks uses her education background to connect students to real-world science.

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  9. Research

    In the science classroom, agency matters

    Students who learn how to advocate for themselves in STEM classes see big benefits—and new research from USC Rossier professor Erika Patall hints that this could be a way to promote student retention.

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