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USC students teach STEM to middle-schoolers, using a game

A new research project led by Darnell Cole explores the impact of multigenerational STEM mentoring on L.A. middle schoolers.

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USC Rossier’s Gale Sinatra fights science denial

NSF grant will fund Sinatra’s research on instructional methods to improve students’ evaluation of online sources.

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Does bias exist in online learning?

New study explores whether race and gender of students in virtual spaces impact teacher grading and their recommendations for educational programs.

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Faculty: In Converation

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How do you combine hip-hop music and science teaching?

USC Rossier professor Chris Emdin on working in service to youth, teaching as performance art and hip-hop’s transferable skills.

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Faculty News

‘Teachers are doing the most important job in the world’

Margo Pensavalle EdD ’93 draws on nearly 50 years of experience in education to create a residency program that meets the moment.

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‘Having a place at the table is not enough’

Tracy Poon Tambascia EdD ’07, newly elected president of the USC Academic Senate and USC Rossier professor of clinical education, on the importance of leaders amplifying alternative perspectives.

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In the Media

What will actually make schools safer

The Hill

"Instead of 'thoughts and prayers' lawmakers at the state and federal level must act now."

Featured Faculty

Pedro Noguera

  • Distinguished Professor of Education
  • Emery Stoops and Joyce King Stoops Dean

‘Student dads are ghosts’: Why fathers face long odds of graduating college

The Guardian

“One of the biggest things is that familial pressure, that social pressure of being a provider.”

Featured Faculty

Adrian H. Huerta

  • Assistant Professor of Education

Confidence in California public schools declines sharply; a third give L.A. a D or F

Los Angeles Times

"Maybe we were still in a period of people sort of appreciating all the work that educators were doing."

Featured Faculty

Julie Marsh

  • Professor of Education
  • Co-director of CEPEG

The SAT is going digital. Will that make the test more equitable?


“The move to a digital test format is long overdue.”

Featured Faculty

Jerome A. Lucido

  • Professor of Practice
  • Executive Director of the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice

USC Rossier Magazine

Our biannual publication that features top news, profiles of alumni and in-depth feature stories that explore some of education's most pressing issues.
Cover of the Winter/Spring 2023 issue of USC Rossier Magazine.
Winter/Spring 2023 issue
Winter/Spring 2023 issue

In this special double issue, we look at how USC Rossier research projects are being put into practice to create equitable learning environments where all students can thrive.

USC Rossier aims to diversify pipeline of future educator

How faculty are leading the way to bring equity-minded change to graduate education.

What can we do about COVID-related learning loss?

What research-backed methods can educators use to put our nation’s schoolchildren back on track?

Social-Emotional Learning gets its moment in the spotlight

The work of USC Rossier’s Mary Helen Immordino-Yang shows how schools can embrace SEL, a new interdisciplinary science of development, culture and neuroscience.

Educator Resources

Educator Resources

USC Rossier offers these tools and other educator resources for teachers, administrators and counselors in K–12, higher education and educational psychology.

How can schools better serve the needs of secondary English learners?

Dieuwertje J. Kast EdD ’20 on how educators can prepare students to understand and adapt to technology so they can use it for the future.

How can educators create the conditions for student leadership?

Professor Julie Slayton explains that giving students meaningful opportunities to lead in the classroom extends beyond distributing materials and grants them decision-making power.

Professor Courtney Malloy PhD ’03 on bridging the gap between research and practice

Effective collaboration between educational researchers and practitioners can help solve intractable problems in our schools and communities.

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