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  • Educational psychology
  1. Educator Tips

    How can educators support gender-diverse students?

    From validating feelings to creating a toolbox for emotional regulation, these practical tips can help students thrive.

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  2. Faculty News

    Two USC Rossier faculty members receive prestigious education fellowship

    Jessica T. DeCuir-Gunby and Christopher Emdin join distinguished Class of 2023 AERA fellows

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  3. Educator Tips

    USC Rossier Master Class

    USC Rossier’s Master Class was created to spur broad discussions that are central to the mission of the school among our students, faculty and staff.

  4. Educator Tips

    Who is most affected by the student loan debt crisis?

    As the student loan debt crisis worsens, formidable gaps between borrowers persist. Approximately 45 million Americans owe money for higher education, with a total balance of around $1.7 trillion. These...

  5. Educator Tips

    How to better prepare teachers to address student mental health

    In the wake of the pandemic, educators broadly agree that schools should provide better mental health support for students. And as the people who see them most often during the...

  6. Educator Tips

    How educators can stem the tide of scientific illiteracy

    Editor’s note: The following content was adapted from Gale Sinatra’s 2021 USC Rossier commencement address to graduating students. Science Denial, Why it Happens and What to Do About It, a...

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  7. Research

    Brain study suggests how students learn from mistakes

    An fMRI-based study of error-monitoring shows that students who are focused on monitoring their own learning process, rather than on getting right answers, learn better over time.

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  8. Rossier News

    Learning with a purpose

    Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang and Dr. Howard Gardner led a recent discussion on empathy and education in the digital age. Famous puppeteer Jim Henson said: “Kids don’t remember what we...

  9. Faculty News

    USC Rossier neuroscientist showing how students’ emotional engagement is key to learning

    Mary Helen Immordino-Yang’s social-emotional imagination quotient transforming classroom learning.

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