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  • K–12 education policy
  1. Education News

    Dean Pedro A. Noguera joins education leaders in a call for action to reduce gun violence

    Noguera calls for immediate government action to initiate scientifically-informed steps to reduce gun violence.

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  2. Education News

    Can California close the achievement gap in math?

    The majority of California’s K–12 students struggle with math. But challenges are experienced most acutely among many students of color. This is the central problem that the state’s Department of...

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  3. Educator Tips

    Insights from the U.S. department of education’s equity summit series

    Since March of 2020, thought leaders and policymakers have discussed how to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reform schools. The first event of the Equity Summit Series...

  4. Research

    Scholar’s research into homelessness finds flawed supports for students

    Students experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are highly mobile, and everywhere.

  5. Rossier News

    30 years after standards reform, schools aren’t much better

    Editor’s Note: Morgan Polikoff is the author of the book Beyond Standards, which examines content standards reform through its impact on instruction and student learning, and explores how it might...

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  6. Faculty News

    Ed policy expert honored for commitment to public discourse

    Morgan Polikoff receives accolade for connecting education research to the public

  7. Faculty News

    Julie Marsh on why local power is essential to democracy

    USC Rossier Professor of Education Policy discusses strategies for engaging local stakeholders, her experience as a researcher and how COVID-19 will impact funding for education.

  8. Education News

    Retaining good teachers requires more than better paychecks

    Better support would also lead to better student outcomes.

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  9. Education News

    To show what California values, look how it spends on schools

    California’s budget would show an undervaluing of the state’s students.

  10. Research

    New initiative to deepen ties between K-12 research, policy

    The Answer Lab will bring a quick-response mentality to those seeking solutions to policy problems