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  1. Research

    A new equation for teacher + student success

    Professor Yasemin Copur-Gencturk is empowering math educators with a scalable, AI-powered professional development program.

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  2. Education News

    Balancing the potentials and pitfalls of AI in college admissions

    Artificial intelligence promises efficiency gains for admissions offices and offers students innovative application tools, but will the new technology advance or hinder equity?

  3. Research

    Confronting linguistic racism

    As our world grows more globalized, our acceptance of others—and their accents—is paramount.

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  4. Rossier News

    Considering the implications of AI for education

    As generative artificial intelligence reshapes industries, the USC Rossier community is exploring the opportunities of AI in education while ensuring its ethical and equitable use.

  5. Research

    Considering the opportunities, dangers and applications of AI

    Professors Copur-Gencturk, Maddox and Hyde sound off on how AI will reshape education.

  6. Alumni Story

    Empowering ESOL students with AI

    MAT-TESOL alum and Irvine Valley College professor Brent Warner is embracing artificial intelligence for its ability to help students take control of their own learning.

  7. Alumni Story

    Leveling the test-prep field

    Valencia Belle EdD ’23 is championing educational access in Alabama and beyond.

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  8. Student Story

    The give-and-take of counseling

    After flourishing under the guidance of a community college counselor, EC student Keily Molina pays it forward.

  9. Alumni Story

    Transforming the education system from within

    Melanie Lundquist ’71, MA ’73 is advancing educational equity in underserved schools throughout Los Angeles.

  10. Research

    USC Center for Generative AI and Society to chart the impact of AI on culture, education, media and society

    Professor Stephen Aguilar is leading the center’s education research, exploring how students and teachers are already using AI tools—and how they can best use them in the future.