Dwuana Bradley

  • Assistant Professor of Education

Research Concentration

  • Higher Education


Doctorate of Educational Leadership & Policy, University of Texas at Austin


  • Critical Education Policy • Higher Ed • K–12
Dwuana  Bradley

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Dwuana Bradley is an assistant professor at the USC Rossier School of Education. Dwuana graduated with a PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020—making her a bonafide, "Pandemic PhD." 

Awards and Grants

Donald D. Harrington Dissertation Fellow ($42,000), 2019-2020

Barbara Jackson Scholar, 2017–2019

Ronald E. McNair Scholar, 2009–2011



Professor Bradley's research broadly examines the ways in which anti-Black sentiment perpetually undergirds the drivers and levers of federal, state and institutional policies across the P-20 pipeline in ways that (un)intentionally reify the social stratification of Black peoples across the diaspora.

Her work employs theories of anti-blackness, socio-legal concepts and critical qualitative methodologies to address issues of Black education, hate speech and anti-racist inclusion on predominantly White campuses; post-secondary access facing racially minoritized community college transfer students; and legislative influence on emergent tier-one universities and HBCU-HSI institutions.


Teaching Preparation Certificate: Awarded by, Teaching Preparation Seminar, Faculty & Innovation Center, UT-Austin

Inclusive Classroom Design Certification: Awarded by Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar, Division of Diversity & Community Engagement, UT-Austin