Master of Marriage and Family Therapy

The Master of Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) prepares students for careers as counselors in clinics, healthcare centers, schools, and private practice. The program focuses on training in dealing with a spectrum of personal and professional problems facing individuals and families, including relationship difficulties, family dysfunction, parenting issues, and behavior problems. Students who complete this specialized professional degree program and who fulfill the additional state-mandated requirements are eligible for the State of California’s Marriage and Family Therapy license.

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Curriculum Overview

The program includes specific research- and practice-based courses that help students to apply state-of-the-art research to innovative practice.

Coursework Examples

  • Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling: Research and Practice
  • Psychotherapy with Children and Adolescents

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Field experiences is the program’s advanced practice course, in which students receive supervision for their practice of marriage and family therapy in the field. 1,300 hours of supervised clinical work are conducted during the program toward the 3,000 required for licensure.

People are saying

Some know exactly where they want to go, and others are still finding their passion within the world of MFT. Each student has their own unique identity, and sharing my story and learning about others made my education that much more meaningful.

Rachel Koonse – MFT – ‘15


The Admissions Committee seeks students whose academic background, professional goals, and communication skills, both written and oral, meet the demands of the program, and show promise for a successful career as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

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Office of Admissions and Scholarships
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