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  1. Educator Tips

    Insights from the U.S. department of education’s equity summit series

    Since March of 2020, thought leaders and policymakers have discussed how to use the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to reform schools. The first event of the Equity Summit Series...

  2. Research

    Scholar’s research into homelessness finds flawed supports for students

    Students experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles are highly mobile, and everywhere.

  3. Educator Tips

    Part-time plight: How institutions can address the challenges of adjunct faculty

    With the rise of the gig economy, part-time work has become more popular. In higher education, part-time instructors comprise roughly 48 percent of all faculty positions in the US. But...

  4. Student Story

    How gaming and hip-hop can make remote learning more accessible

    When the pandemic hit, I found myself struggling to work in a shared apartment in a loud neighborhood. I put on headphones, and like many students, I searched for instrumental...

  5. Education News

    Noguera tapped for U.S. Department of Education summit

    New series will ask school leaders not to return to ‘normal’ The U.S. Department of Education has announced the creation of an Equity Summit Series, the department announced Wednesday, and...

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  6. Education News

    Five K-12 leaders who are impacting education in California

    While their approaches to leadership may vary, K–12 educational leaders in California share a basic but essential trait: Dedication. In a state where per-student funding is low compared to the...

  7. Rossier News

    30 years after standards reform, schools aren’t much better

    Editor’s Note: Morgan Polikoff is the author of the book Beyond Standards, which examines content standards reform through its impact on instruction and student learning, and explores how it might...

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  8. Education News

    Equity for part-time faculty

    In fall of 2020, California passed AB736, legislation stipulating that private, nonprofit colleges may expand the professional exemption of its part-time teaching staff. The law gives schools an option to...

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  9. Rossier News

    In 2021, a Commencement for the record books

    USC Rossier honors two classes in an extraordinary time Conventional wisdom says that history runs in cycles. The University of Southern California established its school of education in 1918, with...

  10. Educator Tips

    What is action civics? Six things educators should know

    What role should students play in their civics education? This question has come into focus in the debate over how civics should be taught in K–12 schools. Under a more...

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