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  1. Faculty News

    Q&A with Adrianna Kezar on her new book “Creating a Campus-wide Culture of Student Success”

    The book demonstrates the need to break down silos and establishes an approach where campus offices can work in concert to support students.

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  2. Faculty News

    USC Rossier celebrates four new federal grants this fall

    Brendesha Tynes, Yasemin Copur-Gencturk, Erika Patall and Stephen Aguilar each received large grants for their research

  3. Education News

    School districts prepare for AI

    Superintendents across Southern California are seeking ways to embrace and integrate the new technology.

  4. Rossier News

    Creating connections, collaborating and empowering students

    Q&A with Ryan Alcantara, USC Rossier’s career services manager

  5. Research

    USC Rossier Assistant Professor Stephen Aguilar leads team to develop AI-enhanced dashboard for instructors and students

    USC Rossier, USC Institute for Creative Technologies and USC Information Sciences Institute collaboration secured $4.5 million U.S. Army Research Office grant.

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  6. Research

    USC Rossier Professor Brendesha Tynes receives $4.6 million NIH grant to build the nation’s first digital literacy and mental health platform for K–12 students

    The Transformative Research Award is one of the most prestigious in the country and supports highly innovative, impactful research.

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  7. Alumni Story

    Closing the literacy gap

    Rialto USD's transformational journey

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  8. Research

    USC Rossier Professor Erika Patall secures $3 million grant to study classroom agency

    Grant will study effectiveness of promoting student agency to bolster diversity in STEM classes.

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  9. Faculty News

    Rigorous math classes in high school lead students to more college math and STEM courses

    Pullias Center’s Tatiana Melguizo partnered with UCLA’s LAERI on new report.

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