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  1. Alumni Story

    Leading by example, from example

    Women leaders in her distinctly male-dominated workplace have deeply inspired Kristine Poblete EdD ’17.

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  2. Educator Tips

    Leading with questions rather than answers

    Professor Adrian Donato EdD ’16 discusses why leaders must frame goals around the 'why.'

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  3. Giving

    Paying it forward

    The Andrew Nikou Foundation backs a crowdsourcing model that seeks solutions to education problems.

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  4. Student Story

    The Avengers student group aims ‘to create revolutionary change in education’

    These student superheroes are using their special powers to shape the future of education.

  5. Alumni Story

    The pandemic changed their jobs overnight. How did education technology leaders manage?

    USC Rossier alumni share how they led their districts out of crisis and into a brighter, more plugged-in future.

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  6. Student Story

    This Qatar-based Global EdD student is exploring how to embrace change in education while honoring tradition

    As director of Tariq Bin Ziad School, Maha Al Romaihi champions a bilingual curriculum that balances English language skills with a celebration of the Arabic language and Qatar’s culture.

  7. Alumni Story

    USC Rossier Alumna and Board of Councilors member leads effort to launch new inclusive school

    Elana Glasenberg EdD ’21 is helping to bring students with disabilities out of the shadows in Ukraine.

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  8. Education News

    What does leadership look like after the pandemic?

    Kindness, creativity and relationship building are among the essential skills education leaders need to break through the challenges of today.

  9. Faculty News

    ‘Having a place at the table is not enough’

    Tracy Poon Tambascia EdD ’07, newly elected president of the USC Academic Senate and USC Rossier professor of clinical education, on the importance of leaders amplifying alternative perspectives.

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  10. Educator Tips

    The SAT may be abolished. What will replace it?

    Abolishing the SAT may no longer be just a fantasy for anxious college-bound students. The University of California, which serves more than 280,000 students, has permanently eliminated standardized tests like...

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