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  1. Research

    USC students teach STEM to middle-schoolers, using a game

    A new research project led by Darnell Cole explores the impact of multigenerational STEM mentoring on L.A. middle schoolers.

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  2. Education News

    What can we do about COVID-related learning loss?

    Experts offer evidence-based methods to close the gap following the pandemic.

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  3. Educator Tips

    How can schools better serve the needs of secondary English learners?

    USC Rossier professor Eugenia Mora-Flores on why supporting ELs is everyone’s responsibility.

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  4. Faculty News

    How do you combine hip-hop music and science teaching?

    USC Rossier professor Chris Emdin on working in service to youth, teaching as performance art and hip-hop’s transferable skills.

  5. Faculty News

    USC Race and Equity Center seeks to ‘illuminate, disrupt and dismantle’ racism

    Led by Shaun Harper, the USC Race and Equity Center is teaching business leaders, educators and administrators how to better serve their communities with evidence-based strategies to advance equity.

  6. Rossier News

    “You can’t have research without equity”

    Shirley Malcom, PhD shared her path to education and science equity at the 44th Pullias Lecture

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  7. Education News

    Alberto Carvalho has arrived in L.A. with plans to make LAUSD the premier district in the U.S.

    Superintendent Carvalho and Dean Noguera discuss what’s different about LAUSD, the district’s new approach to centralization, and the importance of enrolling L.A.’s youngest students.

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  8. Education News

    Three-day school strike was a disruption for all 

    USC Rossier Dean Pedro Noguera on the school shutdown 

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  9. Education News

    NIL era creates opportunity, challenges for athletes

    Changes to rules governing intercollegiate athletics bring challenges and promise for student athletes.

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  10. Alumni Story

    Not even threats deter San Diego County superintendent

    Paul Gothold EdD ’17 aims to improve conditions for all students, including migrant and transborder students.

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