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Annual conference challenges presenters to dismantle racial injustice and construct educational possibilities

The 2024 American Educational Research Association Conference to feature over five-dozen USC Rossier scholars.

By Ellen Evaristo Published on

USC Rossier researchers are heading to the City of Brotherly Love for the 2024 American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference, the largest convening of education researchers in the country. From April 11 to 14, USC Rossier faculty and doctoral students combined will be participating in over 80 presentations at the AERA conference.

The theme this year is “Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities: A Call to Action.” The conference asks and challenges the education research community to “engage in a massive undertaking of attending to the simultaneous act of dismantling racial injustice and constructing educational possibilities across P–20 systems,” according to AERA President Tyrone Howard, who recently spoke at USC Rossier’s Research for Impact conference earlier in March.

With 13,000 AERA members attending each year, the conference offers scholars the opportunity to learn from each other, discover the latest research and foster professional relationships. USC Rossier will be represented by 62 faculty, doctoral students and recent alumni. Topics range from AI in higher education and STEM in middle schools to the role of student-teacher race and the effects of racism on undergraduate mental health.

Associate Professor Huriya Jabbar, whose research uses sociological and critical theories to examine how market-based ideas in PK–12 and higher education shape inequality, opportunity and democracy in the U.S., will be participating in eight discussions during the conference. Of the eight, she is one of the chairs for the panel Constructing New Possibilities for Racialized Organizations Theory in Educational Research. This panel brings together papers that use and build on Ray's (2019) Racialized Organizational Theory, which is useful to understand how racism is embedded in the structures, systems, routines and everyday practices of schooling. The papers illustrate ways in which scholars can operationalize and concretize a complex theory so that future scholarship can tackle critical questions about educational organizations, disrupting the field’s historical “race neutral” approach.

Matthew Coopilton (formerly Hamilton), a 2023 USC Rossier alum, is chair for Critical Game Literacies For the Abolition of White Supremacy and Hetero-Patriarchy panel. The panel will share theoretical frameworks and empirical findings around how young people develop critical game literacy skills. The panel will focus on how Black, Latine and LGBTQIA+ gamers have critiqued systemic racism and hetero-patriarchy and playfully imagined futures where they are abolished. The papers will also propose ways that educators can design learning environments to support critical game literacies.

USC Rossier will host a reception to celebrate scholars—faculty and doctoral students—for their recent achievements. Among those to be honored at the reception include Gale Sinatra for being named USC Distinguished Professor, Shaun Harper for his 2024 American College Personnel Association Contribution to Higher Education Award and Tracy Poon Tambascia for her 2024-2024 American Council on Education Fellowship. Additional awards and honors to be announced at the reception.

AERA 2023 Philadelphia

Below is a full list of USC Rossier’s community members who will be presenting, along with their topics. Visit AERA 2024 for more information.

Jimmy Aguilar

Stephen J. Aguilar

Jacob Alonso

Valencia Belle

Dwuana Bradley

Serina Clara Bravo

Patricia Burch

Jessica Leila Carranza

Ting-Han Chang

Isabel Clay

Darnell G. Cole

Zoë Corwin

Yasemin Copur-Gencturk

Margaret Dawson-Amoah

Jessica T. Decuir-Gunby

Kristen Elliott

Michael C. Fienberg

Ronald Hallett

Matthew Coopliton

Shaun R. Harper

Mabel Eunice Hernandez

Elizabeth M. Holcombe

Adrian H. Huerta

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang

Huriya Jabbar

De’Andra Johnson

Royel M. Johnson

Keena Jones

Joretta B. Joseph

  • April 12: Author: Doctoral Education and Federal Government Policy Making During Times of Crisis: A Case Study of the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Adrianna Kezar

Joseph Kitchen

Adam Kho

Jihye Kwon

Khalilah Lauderdale

Diane Lee

Jingxian Li

Edgar Fidel Lopez

Kristyn Lue

Tr’Vel Lyons

Andrea Macias

Alvin Makori

Milie Majumder

Julie A. Marsh

Mariama Nagbe

Pedro A. Noguera

Desiree O’Neal

John Pascarella

George Panayiotou

Erika A. Patall

Christine Rocha

  • April 14: Author, Navigating Well-Being and Thriving in Postsecondary Spaces: At-Promise Student and Practitioner Perspectives

Claudia Rodriguez

  • April 14: Author, Navigating Well-Being and Thriving in Postsecondary Spaces: At-Promise Student and Practitioner Perspectives

Maritza Elizabeth Salazar

Gale M. Sinatra

Shelby Leigh Smith

Ralitsa Todorova

Tong Tong

Gabriela Torres

Brendesha M. Tynes

Natsumi Ueda

Amanda Vite

Changzhao Wang

Jeanette Zambrano

This schedule was compiled by Monica Lopez from the USC Rossier Research Office.

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