Global Executive Doctor of Education

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The Global Executive Doctor of Education (Global EdD) program is designed for full-time working professionals around the world who have a master’s degree and significant leadership experience. The program will prepare you to achieve large-scale improvements across educational systems through the strategic use of policy, innovative practice, assessment and social entrepreneurship. The hybrid learning experience of this program combines online classes with nine, one- to two-week intensive class sessions at various international destinations. The online learning experience allows you to participate in intensive class sessions virtually. Before the beginning of each term, you will have the opportunity to choose whether to enroll in the hybrid or online learning experience for that term.

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Global Executive Doctor of Education

Curriculum Overview

The program can be completed in approximately 25 months and allows students to remain fully employed while pursuing their doctorate. Participants will travel for nine intensive class sessions in Los Angeles and other locations around the world. Students should expect to spend at least 12-15 hours per week on homework and online activities during the online portions of the program.

Coursework Examples

  • Fostering Entrepreneurship in Educational Systems
  • Global Trends: Emerging Ideas, Emerging Markets
  • Making Choices: Deciding Among Policy Alternatives

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Side-by-side Comparisons

Katerina Kulagina Cohort of 2012

People are saying

I wanted to broaden my perspective in higher education on a global scale and learn from classmates who are from different countries, and that’s what this program did.

Katerina Kulagina – Global EdD – ‘14



The Admissions Committee seeks students whose academic background, professional experience, demonstrated leadership abilities, and communication skills meet the demands of the program and show promise for continued growth as an educational leader.

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Global Executive Doctor of Education Program
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