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  1. Alumni Story

    Arctic educator

    As a high school biology, chemistry and ESL science teacher, I think a lot about how people interact with the natural world

  2. Alumni Story


    Meet four alumni who embody USC Rossier plugged-in savvy

  3. Alumni Story

    Heart of a leader

    His leadership emphasizes technical prowess and compassion

  4. Alumni Story

    Human(e) nature

    As a young girl, I was empowered when I was on the trail with my dad.

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  5. Alumni Story

    The wired professor

    She uses tech to revolutionize teaching and learning.

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  6. Alumni Story

    Ask an expert: What’s it like to be a superintendent?

    If you’re curious about how to become a superintendent, then David Cash, EdD ’08 is your go-to resource. Cash recently joined USC Rossier as an Executive in Residence and governance...

  7. Alumni Story

    Alum helps open toy industry by removing language barriers

    A diverse field of students aspires to make toys, but knowing English opens doors Angela Alcerro MAT-TESOL ’14 has been involved in the toy industry for 34 years, with her...

  8. Alumni Story

    Making space for children of color in children’s literature

    A Rossier alum is joining his passions of teaching and writing

  9. Alumni Story

    Making an Impact

    Alumna Yvonne Thevenot combines her computer science degree and Master of Arts in Teaching to run a non-profit STEM program she founded in New York.

  10. Alumni Story

    College football star finds calling as teacher and role model

    Steven Spencer MAT ’18 is a teacher, mentor, athlete and father For Steven Spencer MAT ’18, teaching was his destiny—even if he tried to avoid it. “It’s funny,” the Pasadena...