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  • Civic education
  1. Faculty News

    Julie Marsh’s tribute to John Brooks Slaughter

    USC Rossier professor Julie Marsh pays tribute to John Brooks Slaughter on what would have been his 90th birthday.

  2. Research

    Democracy project to strengthen student civic engagement

    New initiative will curate civic education materials to help students achieve California State Seal of Civic Engagement.

  3. Alumni Story

    Why we must rethink how we teach civics

    Akilah Lyons-Moore EdD ’14, assistant professor of clinical education, discusses The Democracy Project, growing up in Pacoima and what she misses about teaching high school.

  4. Faculty News

    Mary Helen Immordino-Yang on why democracy needs abstract thinkers

    Neuroscientist, psychologist and USC Rossier professor of education discusses adolescent development, her new research center and what her kids have taught her.

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  5. Education News

    The health of our educational institutions reflects the health of our democracy

    How do we leverage the power of our schools to defend against threats to our democratic systems?

  6. Educator Tips

    Tips for educators during an election year

    Professor Artineh Samkian on how to facilitate difficult conversations in the classroom.

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  7. Alumni Story

    How a school of refugees led by a USC Rossier alum is demonstrating democracy

    Elias Vargas EdD ’17 is transforming civic engagement, starting in the classroom

  8. Education News

    Getting beyond the three “Rs”

    Service learning takes education to a new letter.

  9. Research

    New research: Opposition to Common Core Standards tied to views on President Obama

    Political affiliation, misconceptions among voters offer clues about support of state standards