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  1. Rossier News

    New doctoral program prepares executives globally

    Futures: Why is it so critical for an education leader in this era to have a global understanding and global perspective?

  2. Giving

    Higher Ed center named in honor of Pullias

    A bequest from the Pullias Family estate has established the newly named Earl and Pauline Pullias Center for Higher Education at the USC Rossier School of Education. The center previously...

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  3. Rossier News

    Rossier MAT program team wins Weintraub Faculty Prize

    Four faculty members from the USC Rossier School of Education Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program comprise the winning team of the first Weintraub Faculty Prize for innovative use...

  4. Research

    Repetition does not add up for Math students

    What are children being taught in math classes today? According to a new paper by USC Rossier School of Education assistant professor Morgan Polikoff, the answer is a whole lot...

  5. Rossier News

    CHEPA & Game Innovation lab pioneer college knowledge game

    $1 Million Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant is added to previous funding Researchers at USC’s Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis and the University’s Game Innovation Lab will soon...

  6. Rossier News

    Inventive ways to intrigue kids

    Dr. Gary Scott, Associate Professor of Clinical Education, is using the wonder of invention to spark an interest in STEM among local Los Angeles Unified School District students. His idea...

  7. Rossier News

    USC Rossier rallies a national STEM commitment

    President Obama’s two-tiered goal for the influx of new STEM teachers in American schools – 10,000 in two years and 100,000 in 10 years – has been taken up by...

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  8. Rossier News

    Robert and Victoria Wang: Funder of the Dr. Yu-Kai Wang and Mrs. Alice Ah-Chu Wang Endowed Scholarship

    His father’s unprecedented dedication to education throughout his life, during wars and across continents, compelled Robert Wang to give something back to the Rossier School of Education. Wang, an accomplished...

  9. Rossier News

    Leading in charter school research

    The Center on Educational Governance (CEG) under the leadership of Priscilla Wohlstetter, took on the issue of charter schools nearly two decades ago when the first charter school law was...

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  10. Rossier News

    Mike and Jerrilyn Wilson: Radical believers

    Funder of the Dr. Michael J. Wilson and Mrs. Jerrilyn Wilson Scholarship