Supporting Research

USC Rossier faculty and students conduct research that advances and shapes the future of education.

The rate of change in education is faster now than ever before. Leaders are asking for research-based solutions to best serve students and families. USC Rossier faculty answer that call.

Our faculty produce research that impacts policy, learning design, instruction and access to a quality education from kindergarten through higher education. Their work is critical not only in helping education institutions better serve all students, but also in ensuring that students have every opportunity to become citizens who fully participate in a democracy and thriving economy.

Translational research—focused on practice or policy—can have immediate impact on students and learning. Funding for the important work of USC Rossier faculty has a reverberating effect by helping to recruit and retain leading scholars while seeding innovative approaches to core issues in education.

To learn more about supporting our faculty’s transformative research, contact our advancement team.

Research at Rossier

Democracy project to strengthen student civic engagement

New initiative will curate civic education materials to help students achieve California State Seal of Civic Engagement.

In the science classroom, agency matters

Students who learn how to advocate for themselves in STEM classes see big benefits—and new research from USC Rossier professor Erika Patall hints that this could be a way to promote student retention.

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Brain study suggests how students learn from mistakes

An fMRI-based study of error-monitoring shows that students who are focused on monitoring their own learning process, rather than on getting right answers, learn better over time.

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To create the best learning environments, start with self-determined students

Research on the autonomy-supportive classroom shows it increases engagement, teaches students to self-govern and leads to better learning outcomes.

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What COVID-19 response tells us about climate change

New report from USC Rossier aims to combat rampant misinformation about science In the early days of the novel coronavirus’...

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