Jessica  Rodrigues

Jessica Rodrigues

Ph.D., Education
Specialization: Learning Sciences
Secondary Specialization: Education, Measurement, and Statistics
University of Delaware

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Children’s mathematical development and STEM learning; Development of screening tools to identify mathematics difficulties; Teacher professional development in mathematics; Development, implementation, and evaluation of interventions in students with or at risk for mathematics learning difficulties

Jessica Rodrigues


Professional Experience:

Post-doctoral Research Scholar, Joan Herman and Richard Rasiej Mathematics Initiative

Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Improving Learning of Fractions at the University of Delaware

Honors and Awards:

Latin America School for Education, Cognitive and Neural Sciences in Buenos Aires, Argentina                                                                                        The LA School is a highly-selective, international program that brings together renowned faculty and advanced doctoral students and early career scholars from around the world to build new bridges between education, cognitive and neural sciences.

Frank B. Murray Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Math Cognition Poster Competition Awardee for the 2017 conference in Nashville, TN

Selected Publications

  • Rodrigues, J., Dyson, N., Hansen, N., & Jordan, N. C. (2016). Preparing for algebra by building fraction sense. Teaching Exceptional Children, 49(2), 134-141. doi:10.1177/0040059916674326
  • Dyson, N., Rodrigues, J., Barbieri, C., Jordan, N. C., & Rinne, L. (in press). A fraction sense intervention for sixth-grade students.
  • Jordan, N. C., Rodrigues, J., Hansen, N., Resnick, I., & Dyson, N. (2017). Fraction development in children: Importance of building numerical magnitude understanding. In Geary, D. C., Koepke, K. M., Berch, D., & Ochsendorf, R. (Eds.) Mathematical cognition and learning (pp. 125-140). NY: Elsevier.
  • Hansen, N., Jordan, N. C., & Rodrigues, J. (2017). Identifying persistent learning difficulties in fractions: A longitudinal study of student growth from third through sixth grade. Contemporary Educational Psychology. doi:10.1016/j.cedpsych.2015.11.002
  • Hansen, N., Resnick, I., Rinne, L., Ye, A., Rodrigues, J., & Jordan, N. C. (2017). The co-development of mathematics achievement and fraction magnitude knowledge in fourth through sixth grade. Learning and Individual Differences.
  • Jordan, N. C., Resnick, I., Rodrigues. J., Hansen, N., & Dyson, N. (2016). Delaware longitudinal study of fraction learning: Implications for helping children with mathematics learning difficulties. Journal of Learning Disabilities. doi:10.1177/0022219416662033
  • Resnick, I., Jordan, N. C., Hansen, N., Rajan, V., Rodrigues, J., Siegler, R. S., & Fuchs, L. S. (2016). Developmental growth trajectories in understanding of fraction magnitude from fourth through sixth grade. Developmental Psychology, 52(5), 746-757. doi:10.1037/dev0000102
  • Ye, A., Hansen, N., Resnick, I., Rodrigues, J., Rinne, L., & Jordan, N. C. (2016). Pathways to fraction learning: Numerical abilities mediate the relation between early cognitive competencies and later fraction knowledge. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 152, 242-263. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2016.08.001
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