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Education Resources for the Pandemic

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The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused major challenges for schools and universities. Our full catalog of resources can help.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the ways in which class, race, ability and other identity-related inequities affect K-12 schooling and higher education. Concerns span the gamut—from how schools can secure high-speed internet to social-emotional challenges to planning for what comes next.

Here is our entire catalogue of resources related to education and the pandemic.




Poll: Calif. voters worried about pandemic’s impact on K–12 students
In the 2021 PACE/USC Rossier poll, partisanship is running high, but the public agrees on solutions to help students catch up academically

How should higher education navigate the return to campus?
As higher education institutions prepare to reopen their campuses for fall, how should they address the needs of students and staff? The country continues to grapple with the pandemic, while the social and political upheaval of 2020 still reverberates for many people.

Survey: Low-income families strained by distance learning
Multi-generational efforts are helping overcome a lack of technological proficiency.

Supporting online learning during COVID-19 pandemic
This report produced with input from California superintendents offers guidance to school districts straining to adjust.

How schools should teach in a pandemic, according to research
This letter signed by 500 education scholars gives recommendations to policymakers and education leaders for going forward.

How colleges can face the digital equity gap
The digital equity gap is a result of the tools an institution may employ without first properly engaging students.

What will it take to make schools capable of doing online learning?
In this Q&A, Professor Brendesha Tynes discusses the pandemic and digital equity.

What the COVID-19 response tells us about climate change
From presidential news conferences to every nook of social media, COVID-19 misinformation has been rampant. Here's one tool for dealing with it.



Videos & Webinars

An Equitable Restart: Back to School, Not to Normal
What are the high-level equity issues involved in restarting America’s schools during the COVID-19 pandemic? What students are most likely to be overlooked, and how do we prevent that? How we do begin to understand the psychological and social-emotional needs of students, and what preparations should be happening right now?



A Trusted Space: Q&A Discussion
A panel of experts discusses teacher and student social-emotional health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Note: This video should be watched as a companion to the PBS documentary "A Trusted Space," available here.



Teaching Resources

The Education Solutions Exchange
The Education Solutions Exchange is a public repository of scalable, achievable, and adaptable ideas that can be implemented in schools anywhere. The first-of-its-kind project crowdsourced strategies from students, parents, and teachers all over the world to help schools navigate the many challenges they face returning to school. Established by USC Rossier's Center for Engagement-Driven Global Education.

The survival guide to online teaching
To help guide educators through the world of online teaching, USC Rossier’s experts are sharing their insight.

Should I go to grad school? Decision tips during the COVID-19 pandemic
‘Should I go to grad school?’ is a complicated question for most people under normal circumstances. Add a global pandemic to the list of considerations, and the decision becomes even more complex.

Combating anti-Asian racism in the classroom
Professor Tracy Poon Tambascia on how educators can address xenophobia amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

USC Center for Excellence in Teaching
A pedagogy for online teaching.

More online teaching resources
If you’re an instructor who recently transitioned from on-campus to online teaching, you may be trying to familiarize yourself with new tools and applications.



The Pandemic at USC

USC moved courses online this spring, but what are the lasting impacts?
Associate Vice Provost Ginger Clark on preparing USC faculty for remote instruction and the silver linings of virtual learning

Running admissions in a time of pandemic
How USC Rossier is keeping enrollment smooth during a difficult time

COVID-19 Resource Center
All university messages and resources related to USC's response to the pandemic.

See more educator resources from the USC Rossier School of Education.

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