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Larry Burnett

Assistant Professor of Education

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Larry Burnett

Dr. Larry Burnett is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Education at the USC Rossier School of Education with a primary interest in long term cross-disciplinary inquiry and practical application by public decision makers, community stakeholders and regulators.  He has thirty-plus years of federal law enforcement and public administrative/managerial experience.  His years as a policy maker have given him the broad "real world" experience needed to address an array of economics-related concepts and principles which illustrate the critical challenges facing policy makers and educators; along with the implications of these concepts for educational reform and accountability. 

Dr. Burnett's experience while assigned to American embassies in the international arena make him exceptionally qualified to add value to discussions and lectures on the changing structure of labor markets due to globalization and technological developments; and the causes and consequences of poverty, resource allocation decisions, and cost effectiveness.  Long term cross-disciplinary research correlation and practical application is a tool, an analytic framework, that is useful along with other analytical approaches by Dr. Burnett in determining the tradeoffs in educational opportunity costs critical to optimizing public resource allocation.

Dr. Burnett has been a Principal Investigator at the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii and was honored by National FBI Director, William Webster, with the Director’s Community Leadership Award for the State of Hawaii.  He is also the recipient of 17 federal government Performance and/or Special Act awards.  He served as a primary select lecturer with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy cadre, Glynco, Georgia; as well as being recognized as outstanding adjunct instructor with both the Utah Police Academy and DEA Basic School.  Dr. Burnett holds degrees in Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, and Educational Leadership. 

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