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Dr. Steven J. McCarthy is the K-12 Arts Coordinator for the Arts Education Branch in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He has also served as the Secondary Arts Coordinator and Theatre Specialist for the District.  During his tenure with the Arts Education Branch, he has developed and nurtured significant partnerships with major and smaller arts institutions, renown industry professionals, local and national foundations,  and corporations and government agencies to foster and sustain the arts at all grade levels throughout the District and California.  Dr. McCarthy recently co-hosted the CORE Arts Symposium on Arts Integration and facilitated the writing of LAUSD's Arts Education and Creative Cultural Network Plan for 2012-2017.  Additionally, Dr. McCarthy has sucessfully worked to coordinate the alignment of the arts curriculum in the District's grades K-12 with the Superintendent's priority directives, Common Core Standards, Teaching and Learning Framework, and English Language Acquisition.  

Prior to becoming an Arts Administrator for the Los Angeles Unified School District, Dr. McCarthy taught Theatre as well as English and Math for the district, directing numerous award-winning productions and using the power of Theatre as a tool, he specialized in arts integration and worked with students with special needs, most significantly students with autism, second language learners, and inner-city students at risk.    

Dr. McCarthy holds two PhD's in Critical Analysis and Metaphysical Theology (Divination), an MFA in Performing Arts Management, and a BA in Business Administration / Speech, Communications, and Theatre Arts.  He has served on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Opera, California Educational Theatre Association (CETA), and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHS).  Dr. McCarthy is also a professional actor, writer, director, producer and comedian.  

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