Robert  Keim

Robert Keim

Associate Professor of Education

EdD, University of Memphis, Tennessee

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Educational Psychology

Robert Keim


Dr. Robert Keim holds a joint appointment between Rossier School of Education and the School of Dentistry, where he is the Former Associate Dean for Advanced Programs. Keim holds a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry from the University of New Mexico, a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Marquette University, a Certificate of Specialization from the University of Rochester, New York, and a Doctor of Education (Higher Education) from the University of Memphis, Tennessee. Keim is particularly interested in quantitative research methods and, in the past, his research focused on the factors influencing academic involvement in non-traditional aged students in higher education. As a practicing orthodontist, his current research interests are focused on the social psychology of facial appearance with emphasis on the role that facial appearance and esthetics plays in a person's life trajectory "from cradle to grave".



Dr. Keim's current research interests are in the relationship between the process of academic accreditation and student outcomes.


  • EDUC 532: Inquiry Methods I
  • EDUC 536: Inquiry Methods II
  • EDPT 550: Inferential Statistics
  • EDUC 570: Research Methods and Data Analysis for Counselors
  • EDUC 714: Advanced Educational Measurement


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