DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund

The Dean’s Superintendents Advisory Group (DSAG) established an endowment in January 2013 to provide scholarships to USC Rossier EdD candidates who aspire to superintendency. Scholarships are awarded annually to three outstanding members of the EdD student community. Recipients of the DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund are recognized at the annual DSAG Awards Dinner held in Monterey, California.

Your Participation Counts

Through the generous participation of DSAG members and donors, the endowment has grown considerably. In 2017 we achieved our initial goal of raising $500,000 for the endowment. Our new goal is to raise $1,000,000 by 2022. Annual gifts help by growing the endowment, ultimately supporting more students over time with larger scholarship awards.

Past Recipients

*DSAG Scholar in partnership with TELACU

Christa Glembocki
Marie Williams
Michael Romero
Carlos Montes*

Christopher Brown
William Gideon Jr.
Lita Mallett
Karen Mercado*

Heather Bojorquez*
Shane Craven
Richard Noblett
Jerome Rucker

Julie Harrison
Elias Miles
Maricela Ramirez

Beth Rabel Blackman
Elizabeth Morales Leon
Kenya Williams

Manuel Burciaga
Kevin Hryciw
Ron Tanimura

Gary Garcia
Lawton Gray III
Elias Vargas

Melissa Moore
Ramiro Rubalcaba
Catherine Kawaguchi

Crystal Smith Turner
Oryla Wiedoeft

Why DSAG Matters


California educators are being asked to meet the highest standards while being funded at the lowest levels in America. To make a difference for the students, we need leaders trained to transform education in urban schools.

John Roach EdD ’88

Fundraising Chair, DSAG Endowed Scholarship Fund

Celebrating excellence in education: DSAG 2024 Awards Dinner

Honoring Wesley I. Smith EdD ’05 and four outstanding scholars advancing educational equity

Closing the literacy gap

Rialto USD's transformational journey

Featured Faculty

Superintendents highlight the wellness of women leaders in education

On April 13, the Women of DSAG hosted the inaugural Women of DSAG Virginia Archer Melbo Networking Event.

Featured Faculty

DSAG scholars are committed to making educational equity a reality

Each year, the Dean’s Superintendents Advisory Group (DSAG) provides scholarships to USC Rossier EdD candidates who aspire to the superintendency...

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Rachel Beal

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