Multilingualism and Multiculturalism minor

The multilingualism and multiculturalism minor will help you examine the role of language and culture in social, academic and political environments and develop basic skills to educate, communicate with, and research linguistically diverse communities. You will be prepared for further study toward a career as a teacher, project director, community organizer, case manager, community liaison, educational entrepreneur, policy maker, or researcher in multilingual and multicultural contexts.

Students who enroll in the MAT-TESOL progressive degree program may waive two required courses as a result of completing this minor. Learn more >

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Curriculum Overview

The multilingualism and multiculturalism minor will prepare you to:

  • Understand how language is intimately bound to identity, race, culture and power
  • Identify the long-lasting linguistic inequities that negatively impact marginalized students and communities
  • Design equitable and effective lessons for language learners
    Select, create and use multimedia and technology to support teaching, training, and organizing
  • Become a competent consumer and producer of educational research

Coursework Examples

Required Courses (16 units)

  • Sociopolitical and Raciolinguistic Contexts of Multilingual Education
  • Linguistically and Culturally Sustaining Teaching
  • Technology, Media and Culturally Sustaining Education
  • Introduction to Educational Inquiry


The undergraduate minors allow students to attain a foundation in understanding different aspects of the field of education.

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