Course Schedule

The full-time course schedule below should be used as an example. A part-time option is also available. Contact your admission representative to discuss your specific course schedule. 

Year 1

Fall Semester

History of Higher Education
EDUE 563 3 units

Examine the roles and functions of higher education from historical and contemporary perspectives, with a focus on equity and urban education.

Student Development in Higher Education
EDHP 687 3 units

Review theories of college student development and application of developmental models to program design, interventions, outreach, and research programs.

Legal Issues in the Administration of Higher Education
EDHP 679 3 units

Analyze legal issues related to the administration of higher education with an emphasis on relations with students, faculty, staff, alumni and campus communities.

Focus Course One
3 units

View the focus courses at the bottom of this page for course options.

Spring Semester

Identity and Diversity
EDHP 560 3 units

Explore the historical and contemporary foundations of hierarchies and relationships of power, sociocultural diversity of experiences and sociopolitical resistance within higher education.

Research Methods and Applied Educational Ethnography
EDUE 571 3 units

Explore the use of quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research to explore problems/opportunities of practice in higher education.

Leadership and Management in Student Affairs
EDHP 657 3 units

Examine the delivery of student services and programs in higher education, organizational behavior, management systems, administrative procedures and alternative leadership styles.

Focus Course Two
3 units

View the focus courses at the bottom of this page for course options.

Summer Session

Higher Education Capstone
EDUE 616 3 units

Demonstrate your accumulated training in the PASA program in a single original project, subject to instructor’s approval and supervision.

Focus Course Three
3 units

View the focus courses at the bottom of this page for course options.

Focus Courses

You can select three focus courses, using any combination of courses from the student affairs or athletic administration paths. 

Student Affairs Focus

EDHP 503 | (3 units)
Curriculum Teaching and Learning in Higher, Adult and Professional Education

Examine curriculum, teaching and learning strategies for general, vocational, and professional education; planning for lifelong learning; theories, policies, and practices for higher, adult, and professional education.

EDUC 531 | (3 units)
Student Disability Issues in Higher Education

Understand the history of the disability movement; examine current research on the success of students with disabilities in higher education; legal and management issues.

EDUC 609 | (3 units)
Contemporary issues in academic advising in postsecondary education. Examines and analyzes relevant theories, policies, and practices related to academic advising.

EDUC 663 | (3 units)
Race and Racism

Explore topics and issues pertaining to race, racism and racial equity. While most emphasis is placed on P-12 schools and postsecondary institutions, attention also is paid to larger historical, cultural, political, structural, and systemic forces that cyclically reproduce racially disparate experiences and outcomes in the United States.

EDUC 689 | (3 units)
Fiscal Support and Expenditure in Higher Education

Analyze private and public financial support and expenditure patterns; includes recent trends in state and federal legislation related to higher education

Athletic Administration Focus

EDUC 611 | (3 units)
Athletic Administration

Analyze and discuss critical issues in intercollegiate athletics, including student-athlete academic and social accountability; challenges of NCAA policies; commercialization, marketing, and fundraising in college athletics.

EDUC 617 | (3 units)
The Student Athlete in Higher Education

Examine student athletes in higher education and review effective strategies for counseling and advising college student athletes; issues and challenges of athletic amateurism.

EDUC 613 | (3 units)
Title IX and Gender Issues

Review, analyze and discuss social, political and legal issues surrounding Title IX and its implications for institutions of higher education.