Course Schedule

The course schedule below should be used as an example. Contact your admission representative to discuss your specific course schedule. No part time option is available for this program.

Year 1

Summer Session

Introduction to Curriculum and Pedagogy in Urban Schools
EDUC 670 4 units

A general introduction to curriculum and instruction (pedagogy) affecting teaching and learning across disciplines, grade levels, and different social contexts of schooling.

Contexts for Educational Equity, Access, and Agency
EDUC 671 3 units

Examine how environmental, pedagogical, and curricular choices can be cultivated with greater knowledge of culture, gender, orientation, race, learning differences and language.

Integrated Language Development Across the Curriculum
EDUC 672 3 units

Identify connections between language, literacy, and learning in school, across all content areas.

Fall Semester

Applications of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Part A
EDUC 673 4 units

Apply content-area knowledge utilizing a repertoire of pedagogical practices responsive to the needs and interests of diverse learners.

Identifying and Teaching to Student Differences
EDUC 674 3 units

Examine learner behavior, ability, and language to access strategies to differentiate, scaffold, and assess learning.

Literacy Development and Instruction in Elementary Education
EDUC 675 3 units

Elementary Multiple Subjects Candidates take this course.

Apply a balanced, integrated, and interactive perspective to teaching reading/language arts in K-8 classrooms.

Literacy Development and Instruction in Secondary Education
EDUC 676 3 units

Secondary Single Subject Candidates take this course

Integrate literacy instruction within your content area by creating authentic opportunities for learners to develop literacy skills.

Spring Semester

Applications of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Part B
EDUC 677 4 units

Prepare to apply curricular principles to lesson development and determine how content should be delivered to maximize learning.

Applying Knowledge and Strategies for Teaching All Students
EDUC 678 2 units

Applying knowledge and strategies to differentiate instruction for all students.

Blended Learning Experiences for Students in Urban Schools
EDUC 679 2 units

Design, implement, and evaluate technology-rich learning environments to customize and individualize learning opportunities and assessments for K-12 students.

Additional Options

Gifted Certificate Only: Students pursuing the Gifted Education Certificate are required to take an additional course

Summer Session

Responding to Gifted Students
EDUC 684 4 units

Uncover beliefs and misconceptions related to recognizing and responding to diverse gifted students and develop teaching strategies for high ability students.