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Seven USC Rossier faculty among RHSU Edu-Scholar’s public influencers for 2023

Dean Pedro Noguera and Professor Shaun Harper in the top 10

By Ellen Evaristo Published on

USC Rossier Dean Pedro Noguera topped Education Week’s RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings for 2023. In addition, USC Rossier faculty are prominently represented on the list recognizing university-based scholars in the United States who did the most in the previous year to shape educational practice and policy.

Rick Hess, author of the blog Rick Hess Straight Up, regarding the list criteria said, “The intent is to spur discussion about the nature of constructive public influence: Who’s doing it, how much it matters and how to gauge a scholar’s contribution.”

Out of 200 educators, USC Rossier’s seven faculty are Dean Noguera, University Professor Shaun Harper, Professor Chris Emdin, University Professor Emeritus Bill Tierney, University Professor Emeritus Estela Bensimon, Associate Professor Morgan Polikoff and Professor Julie Marsh.

  • Dean Pedro Noguera’s (@PedroANoguera) research focuses on the ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions, as well as by demographic trends in local, regional and global contexts. While Noguera and Hess frequently collaborate and co-host the podcast Common Ground, the Edu-Scholar rankings are determined by metrics such as media mentions and citations.
  • University Professor Shaun Harper (@DrShaunHarper), one of our nation’s most respected racial equity experts, is a frequent commentator in national media and was recently appointed to the National Board of Education Sciences by the White House. Harper was also a member of the RHSU selection committee.
  • Professor Chris Emdin’s (@chrisemdin) unique approach to school incorporates hip-hop music and culture to transform science teaching. He is also director of Youth Engagement and Community Partnerships at the USC Race and Equity Center.
  • University Professor Emeritus Bill Tierney (@TierneyBill) is the founding director of the USC Pullias Center for Higher Education. Among his expertise includes higher education policy analysis, governance, and administration; and decision making in higher education.
  • University Professor Emeritus Estela Bensimon (@ebensimon) founded the USC Center for Urban Education (CUE) in 1999. Bensimon developed the Equity Scorecard, a process for using inquiry to drive changes in institutional practice and culture.
  • Associate Professor Morgan Polikoff’s (@mpolikoff) expertise includes K–12 education policy; curriculum, standards, accountability, and assessment policy; survey research in education; and the impact of COVID-19 on American families’ educational experiences.
  • Professor Julie Marsh (@julieamarsh) is co-director of the USC Rossier Center on Education Policy, Equity and Governance (CEPEG) and the faculty director at Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), an independent nonprofit research center.

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