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Patricia Burch

Professor of Education

PhD, Stanford University

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K-12 Education Policy


organizational and institutional change, education policy, intersection of public and private partnerships in education, digital instruction, policy implementation and impact, equity and quality in public school instruction

Patricia Burch

Patricia Burch (PhD, Stanford University) is a Professor of Education at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles California. Burch’s research focuses on education policy, organizational and institutional theory, qualitative and mixed methods research, and evidence based policy and practice. Burch's recent publications include Mixed Methods Research for Policy and Program Evaluation (SAGE, 2016). Hidden Markets: The New Education Privatization, (Routledge, 2009), Equal Scrutiny: Privatization and Accountability in Digital Education (Harvard Education Press, 2015). Burch’s work has appeared in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Teachers College Record, Educational Researcher, and other notable journals. Burch regularly collaborates with government agencies and non-governmental organizations on program evaluation and in improving program design and policy effectiveness, with specific attention to equity and quality.


Honors and Awards:

USC Mentoring Award 2018



  • Policy and Politics in Urban Education
  • Organizations, Institutions and Educational Equity
  • Research Methods

Selected Publications

  • Burch, P. and Miglani, N (2018). Tecchnocentrism and social fields in the India EdTech Movement: Formation, Reproduction, and Resistance. Journal of Education Policy, 33-5, 590-616.

  • Bingham, A. and Burch, P. (2018). Navigating Middle of the Road Reforms through Collaborative Community. Democracy and Education , 25(2), Article 1.

  • Burch, P., Good, A and Heinrich, C. (July 2015) Improving Access to, Quality, and the Effectiveness of Digital Tutoring in K–12 Education Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, first published online July 27, 2015.

  • Burch, P and Good, A. (2014). Equal Scrutiny: Privatization and Accountability in Digital Education. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

  • Burch, P. & Heinrich, C.J. (2016). Mixed Methods for Policy Research and Program Evaluation. SAGE Publications, Inc.

  • Burch, P. (2009). Hidden Markets: The New Education Privatization. New York: Routledge. The Critical Social Thought Series.

  • *Spillane, J. & Burch, P. (2007). The institutional environment and instructional practice: Changing patterns of guidance and control in public education. In H.D. Meyer & B. Rowan (Eds.), The New Institutionalism in Education. (pp. 87-102). Albany: SUNY Press.

  • Burch, P. (2010). After the fall: Education contracting in the wake of the US and global financial crises. Journal of Education Policy. 26, 33-38.

  • Burch, P. (2010). The bigger picture: Institutional perspectives on interim assessment technologies. Peabody Journal of Education, 85(2), 147-162

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  • Spillane, J., Diamond, J., Hallett, T., Halverson, R., & Burch, P. (2002). Managing in the middle: School leaders and the enactment of accountability policy. Educational Policy, 16(5), 731-762.

  • Policy Briefs

  • Understanding Supplementary Educational Services (SES): A Guide for Parents and Guardians
    Rodolfo Acosta, Patricia Burch, Annalee Good, Mary Stewart, Carolyn Heinrich & Christi Kirschbaum

    Comprendiendo los Servicios de Educación Suplementaria (SES): Un guía para padres y guardianes
    Rodolfo Acosta, Patricia Burch, Annalee Good, Mary Stewart, Carolyn Heinrich & Christi Kirschbaum

  • The Implementation and Effectiveness of Supplemental Educational Services
    A Review and Recommendations for Program Improvement
    Carolyn Heinrich, University of Texas-Austin; Patricia Burch, University of Wisconsin-Madison”

  • Equal Access to Quality in Federally Mandated Tutoring: Preliminary Findings of a Multisite Study of Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
    Authors: Patricia Burch, Carolyn Heinrich, Annalee Good, and Mary Stewart

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