Diversity at USC Rossier

Diversity is one of USC Rossier’s four guiding principles, and our vision is the full inclusion of students, faculty and staff, irrespective of background such as, race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual identity and other underrepresented groups. By inclusion, we mean collective commitment and effort:

  • For our students to reflect those in the schools where we serve, locally, nationally and globally;
  • To have our faculty and staff at all levels reflect the demographics of that student population; and
  • To create an environment in which every person will be heard, respected and valued. Specifically, members will receive equitable treatment and access to resources, regardless of status, professional role or social identity.
  • In addition, we will systematically collect and use data to inform our practices.

We promote equity and affirm, create and disseminate diversity through specific practices, in accordance with our strategic plan, which stipulates that we will:

  • Develop an unshakeable commitment to a diversity of thought and experience in [our] practice.
  • Identify practices, structures and policies that create barriers to learning and develop the skill and political savvy to negotiate, if not eliminate, those barriers for [ourselves] and others.
  • Demonstrate a valuing of using individual and cultural differences to inform practice related to accountability, leadership and instruction that results in equal opportunity and access for all [students, staff, and faculty], including reasonable accommodations for faculty, staff and students with disabilities.

Our graduates understand the power of education to break cycles of poverty and to dismantle structural racism and other forms of systemic oppression. As a community focused on these challenges of urban education, we must model the attitudes, practices and culture within our walls that we want our graduates to create in schools and organizations around the world. These challenges are complex and multi-faceted, demanding the creativity, skills, and personal and professional experiences that only diverse groups offer.

(Via Diversity Task Force 2017 Report)

Diversity Task Force

Dean Karen Symms Gallagher established the Diversity Task Force in September 2016 as part of ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive environment at the University of Southern California. The Diversity Task Force was charged with creating a long-term plan to improve equity, diversity, opportunity and access. That plan was submitted to Dean Gallagher and USC Provost Michael Quick, and given final approval in early 2017.

Read the Diversity Task Force 2017 report.


  • Shafiqa Ahmadi, Associate Professor of Clinical Education
  • Ara Arzumanian, Program Manager, Center for Enrollment Research, Policy, and Practice
  • Ross Brenneman, Media Relations Specialist (ex-officio)
  • Ruth Chung, Associate Professor of Clinical Education
  • Cathy Creasia, Program Specialist for Accreditation and Evaluation
  • Q. Tien Le, PhD Student, Urban Education
  • Madeleine Mejia, Program Manager, Office of Professional Development
  • Donté Miller, Master of Education Student, Educational Counseling
  • Jennifer Nunez, MAT Student
  • Morgan Polikoff, Associate Professor of Education
  • Julie Posselt, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Darline Robles, Professor of Clinical Education (chair)

Resources for Teaching Diversity

Tools for Teaching Diversity: Diversity can be challenging, particularly concepts like privilege, identity and consciousness-raising. The USC Rossier Faculty Council’s Equity & Inclusion Committee created this list of resources to provide a focus on challenging topics that emerge and to help identify ways to address these challenge areas.

View resources

Equity & Inclusion Committee

The USC Rossier Faculty Council’s Equity & Inclusion Committee is charged with: supporting dialogue with faculty about issues of diversity and equity, and seeking faculty input about new and ongoing priorities; working with faculty search committees to help develop a diverse candidate pool; and assisting the dean’s office, faculty council, and concentration chairs in faculty mentoring.


Dr. Alan Green joined Rossier in July 2009 as Associate Professor of Clinical Education. Prior to USC he was on the faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, where he served most recently as chair of the Department of Counseling and Human Services…. Read more >>
Anthony MaddoxAnthony Maddox
Prior to his appointment at USC, Dr. Anthony Maddox was Chief of Staff and Interim Chief Neighborhood Officer with the Los Angeles Urban League. His responsibilities at the League included the administration and joint teaching of Leadership Institutes for adolescent males, coordination… Read more >>
Dr. John Brooks Slaughter joined the Rossier School of Education in January, 2010 as Professor of Education, with a joint appointment at the Viterbi School of Engineering. Slaughter has had remarkably distinguished career, which began as an electrical engineer and includes leading two… Read more >>
Dr. Darline Robles, the former superintendent of Los Angeles County Office of Education, is a Professor of Clinical Education here at the USC Rossier School of Education. In addition to teaching in the school’s doctoral and masters programs, Robles is responsible for the development of a new… Read more >>
Dr. Jultta Shakhbagova is a professor of Clinical Education and a linguist by training specializing in phonetics/phonology. She is an expert in the areas of applied and comparative linguistics, pedagogy, and methodologies of teaching English as a Second /Foreign Language… Read more >>
Rob Filback, PhD is associate professor of clinical education and chair of the Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MAT—TESOL) program. His areas of focus include international education, language teacher preparation, online and technology enhanced learning… Read more >>
Dr. Paula M. Carbone is an Associate Professor of Clinical Education at Rossier. Her research interests center on teacher preparation in secondary, urban contexts. She is also an expert in the area of promoting equity and access in urban education through literacy, specifically policy implications… Read more >>
Jenifer Crawford is Associate Professor of Clinical Education (offsite) in the teacher education concentration. Crawford’s long-term research agenda centers on social justice education, democracy and access in schools, and bridging critical social science theory to teacher practice… Read more >>
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Maria G. Ott joined the USC Rossier School in October 2012 as Executive in Residence, teaching graduate level courses and participating in Rossier initiatives. Previously, Ott served more than seven years as Superintendent of the Rowland Unified School District, leading the district through… Read more >>