Summer Gifted Institute Workshop

This program is designed for current K-12 teachers. 

The Summer Gifted Institute is an annual event held each summer and led by Dr. Sandra Kaplan and a team of faculty members experienced in gifted education, instruction, and curriculum design. This institute provides teachers with newly designed differentiated curriculum units and instructional strategies responsive to identifying students of diversity and challenging advanced and gifted learners.

Curriculum Overview

The Summer Gifted Institute AND Demonstrations provide an opportunity to observe the implementation of the most current curriculum ideas and instructional strategies to differentiate curriculum to identify and accommodate academically, linguistically, and culturally diverse gifted students. This seminar is intended for novice to advanced Pre-K-12 teachers, coaches, and administrators.

The 38th Annual Summer Gifted Institute: Rethinking Gifted Education

  • Exploring opportunities to recognize potential in the diversity among all learners.
  • Examining standards and curriculum as it relates to the personal needs and abilities of advanced and gifted learners.
  • Responding to the intellectual challenge of all learners.
  • Integrating cultural relevancy and social-emotional learning to redefine gifted education.

Conference Format

  • General Session: general orientation of topical areas
  • Specialized Sessions: array of various demonstrations and extension


Coursework Examples

  • Seminars that present new content and theories
  • Workshops that expose educators to advanced methods in differentiated curriculum
  • Demonstration lessons that provide a first-hand look at differentiated curriculum and potential student responses
  • Curriculum writing sessions that provide participants with a chance to write and receive feedback on lesson plans and units of study

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Register for the 38th Annual Summer Gifted Institute – Rethinking Gifted Education

For 2023, the Summer Gifted Institute focuses on rethinking gifted education for advanced and gifted students in an online seminar. We will explore alternative practices and theories to rethink gifted education in order to recognize and respond to the diversity among advanced and gifted learners. Participants will engage in learning experiences on the following topics:


  • Alternative forms of identification
  • Differentiation across all standards and subjects
  • Classroom environment


The three-day webinars will be held August 2-4

Three-day Summer Gifted Institute cost: $230.00


Register For August Session Online (August 2-4)

Program Details

Degree Awarded


Estimated Length

Three days



Program Cost



  • Online

Start Date

August 2-4

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