Course Schedule

The course schedule below should be used as an example. Contact your admission representative to discuss your specific course schedule. No part time option is available for this program.

Year 1

On-Campus Immersion: August 2022 (Date TBD)

As a student in the program, you are required to attend a two-day immersion on the USC University Park Campus. The immersion experience, which includes the orientation to the program, will provide the opportunity to meet your classmates and faculty members, develop the academic skills necessary for success in the program and explore a process for critical reflection. Travel and accommodations for the immersion are not included in the cost of the program.

Fall Semester



Foundations of Urban Education
EDUE 700 3 units

Explore urban P-20 education through social, historical, and political lenses and learn how research and policy shape professional practice in Los Angeles and the United States.

Foundations of Leadership
EDUE 701 3 units

Gain foundational knowledge about leadership theory and practice to support your development as a critically conscious leader who takes action to address inequities in urban contexts.

Spring Semester

Foundations in Learning
EDUE 702 3 units

Facilitate learning in urban contexts by understanding how culture, identity, and power influence learners’ opportunities to learn.

Power, Diversity and Equity
EDUE 703 3 units

Explore power, diversity and equity through the social, historical and political lenses as these constructs shape and impact education (P-20) research, policy and professional practice.

Summer Session

Leading for Instructional Improvement
EDUE 718 3 units

Improve your instructional leadership capacity as a K-12 practitioner, addressing power and its impact on creating and perpetuating educational inequities for historically marginalized and minoritized children and adults.

Leadership Enactment
EDUE 704 3 units

Acquire or deepen knowledge and skills related to acting as a critically conscious leaders who addresses existing educational inequities.

Year 2

Fall Semester

Education Policy and Politics
EDUE 719 3 units

Apply economic theory to the study of education. Gain an understanding of the application of market theory to education, partnerships, allocation of resources and the examination of educational enterprises.

Research Methods 1
EDUE 726 3 units

Explore the historically complex relationship between education research, education (in)equity and personal practice, and the possibilities of research to foster justice in education.

Spring Semester

Research Methods 2
EDUE 727 3 units

Building on Research Methods 1, learn to implement a research design by conducting pilot studies to answer quantitative and qualitative research questions.

Dissertation in Practice 1
EDUE 780a 3 units

Complete a literature review, overview of methodology and other contextual writing for your dissertation in practice and prepare for the qualifying exam.

Summer Session


EDUC 720  OR  EDUC 721

Leadership for Principals
EDUC 720 3 units

Understand the role of the principal as an instructional leader with a focus on improving student achievement.

Leadership for Superintendents
EDUC 721 3 units

Understand the role of the superintendent in establishing a focus on student achievement and holding school sites accountable. Learn how superintendents support student learning through leadership.

Dissertation in Practice 2
EDUE 780b 2 units

Finalize your literature review, overview of methodology and other contextual writing for the dissertation in practice and qualifying exam.

Year 3

Fall Semester

Resourcing Schools for Equity and Excellence
EDUC 717 3 units

Apply economic theory to the study of education and market theory to education, partnerships, allocation of resources and the examination of educational enterprises.

Designing Organizations for Equity
EDUE 710 3 units

Become familiar with organizational theory and design, behavioral science and human resources management and prepare to shape the culture of educational organizations based on the principles of equity and social justice.

Spring Semester

Dissertation in Practice 3, Data Analysis
EDUE 784a 2 units

Build your knowledge and skills for analyzing quantitative and qualitative data and reporting results and findings for your Dissertations in Practice.