Keena Jones

  • 2022


research assistant

Research Concentration

  • Educational Psychology

Research Interest

culturally relevant pedagogy, critical race theory and curricula development for K-12 public schools serving predominantly Black students
Keena  Jones

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  • Brendesha Tynes

Research Center


Keena is a former high school social studies teacher and research assistant/data analyst for the Institutional Assessment and Research department at Winston Salem State University. 

Keena aims to use her research to create more equitable classrooms and schools for Black students in predominantly Black communities. Specifically, she is interested in using both critical quantitative and qualitative methods to research how implementing culturally relevant curricula as a primary pedagogical practice impacts student achievement outcomes such as state-required test scores or graduation rates.

Keena is a research assistant working for the Center for Empowered Learning and Development with Technology with Dr. Brendesha Tynes on research projects centered on critical digital literacy skills, online mental health awareness and strategies for coping with online racism.