Milie Majumder

  • 2020


Research Assistant

Research Concentration

  • Higher Education

Research Interest

critical race theory, racism, racialization, mental health, minoritized student populations, Muslim and South Asian student populations
Milie  Majumder

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  • Shafiqa Ahmadi, Darnell Cole

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Milie Majumder (she/her) is a second-year doctoral student in the Urban Education Policy program, with a concentration in Higher Education. She is currently working as a Research Assistant with Professors Shafiqa Ahmadi and Darnell Cole at the Center for Education, Identity, and Social Justice. Milie is currently working on projects relating to minoritized student groups, particularly examining the experiences of Muslim college students. 

Previous to entering the PhD program, Milie earned her Master's degree in Public Health at the Keck School of Medicine at USC. Her interests include employing an intersectional and critical lens to examining the experiences of racialization in minoritized student populations, such as Muslim and South Asian students, and how these unique, racialized experiences contribute to their mental health. She is also interested in examining if and how institutions of higher education develop culturally competent mental health support for these groups, especially given a global, politicized increase in anti-Muslim and anti-Asian hate in America. Her positionality as a first-generation, Muslim, Bangladeshi, American womxn shape her interests and her passion for these populations.