Reading and Literacy Added Authorization

Under the new Common Core State Standards, teachers must be able to help students use “complex and varied” texts to learn how to access and understand information. Are you prepared?

The USC Reading and Literacy Added Authorization program is designed to help you become a literacy expert. The knowledge and skills that you will gain will help you:

  • apply the progression of reading and writing development in your instruction
  • analyze data from diagnostic tools to determine students’ reading and writing needs, and
  • create and teach lessons to address students’ identified reading and writing needs

With these skills, you will be well-prepared to help your students develop into proficient and advanced readers and writers.

USC Reading and Literacy Added Authorization Program (Added Authorization) is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

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Reading Certificate

Curriculum Overview

The program’s courses have been created specifically for a working professional. These courses have immediate practical application to the classroom setting.

Coursework Examples

  • Diagnosis of Reading Disabilities
  • Remediation of Reading Disabilities

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Your classroom will be used as a lab-site as you work with two students from two different grade levels and who have a reading need. Your work will be completed in a one-to-one setting throughout the duration of the program.

People are saying

As a high school teacher, I am able to recognize a literacy need early in the school year and can support my students in their literacy adventure. This program has taught me many new strategies to support my student’s reading needs. One student recently said, “I find myself wanting to read because I now know how to read. Thank you Ms. P for teaching me how to read using strategies.” Without the USC reading program, I would not have been able to support my student’s reading needs and he would not find reading fun. Thank you USC reading program for showing me that it is never too late to become a literate individual.

Tina, High School teacher


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