Sandra Kaplan

  • Professor of Clinical Education

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  • Teacher Education


  • Gifted Education • Differentiated Curriculum.
Sandra  Kaplan

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Dr. Sandra Kaplan teaches the methods courses for the Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. She is a consultant for several state departments and school districts nationwide on the topics of education for gifted students, differentiated curriculum in depth and complexity, and thematic interdisciplinarity.

Her research interests include recognizing and responding to the potential and abilities of young children of diversity through the development of non-traditional methods of curriculum and instructional practices. The application of advanced reading strategies designated for gifted readers to English Learners and Special Education students to affect their reading scores is currently under study. Curriculum appropriate to contemporary issues in teaching and learning in early childhood have been an integral feature in her efforts forward defining and implementing the concept of differentiated curriculum and instruction.

Dr. Kaplan’s most recent publication topically addresses redefining differentiation of curriculum to meet contemporary educational practices, instructional strategies, self-assessment rubrics, motivating advanced readers and giftedness in early childhood.

Sandra has received the Legacy Award from the National Association for the Gifted (NAGC). She was president of NAGC and the California Association of the Gifted (CAG), where she currently serves as chair of the Education and Advisory Committees.