USC Rossier to offer minors in education beginning in 2015–16

USC undergrads who face an embarrassment of riches each fall browsing through the course catalog now have a new option to consider—a minor in education. USC Rossier, which has been exclusively a graduate school for more than 10 years, will now offer three distinct minors: Education and Society, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and The Dynamics of Early Childhood.

TESOL-image: StudentsStudents who elect an education minor will benefit from working closely with Rossier’s renowned faculty and instructors to navigate academic and professional trajectories in education-related fields.

Paula Carbone, assistant professor of clinical education, explains that the Education and Society minor is not restricted to students who might plan to teach in traditional classroom settings but rather for students who want to explore the socio-cultural aspects of educational issues and incorporate those views into any number of career paths.

“The importance of understanding the societal issues impacting educational outcomes for today’s youth is the focus of the Education and Society minor.”

—Paula Carbone, assistant professor of clinical education

“The importance of understanding the societal issues impacting educational outcomes for today’s youth is the focus of the Education and Society minor,” she says. “By examining the complex connections between these issues and policy, public opinion and economic and political concerns, students will explore inequities in education and learn to develop promising solutions.”

Students enrolled in this minor will gain multiple perspectives on education locally, nationally, and internationally, including technology’s role in educational outcomes. The minor provides resources for students who may want to pursue careers in education after graduation—teaching, educational advocacy through nonprofits or non-governmental organizations, university research, policymaking or educational entrepreneurship.

This minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is targeted to those undergraduates who wish to gain expertise in the field of English as a Second Language (ESL) and/or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teaching.

“While students can combine the TESOL courses with any major, the minor in TESOL is expected to complement majors in language, literature, communication and majors with an international focus,” says Emmy Min, assistant professor of education.

Students who obtain this minor may find English teaching positions in private language institutes in the United States and abroad as well as through Fulbright Exchange and the Peace Corps. This minor could serve as one pathway into a Master of Art in Teaching in TESOL. The minor in TESOL will prepare the students to have the competitive edge by providing a curriculum and instruction that balances theory and practice.

Students choosing a minor in The Dynamics of Early Childhood will be encouraged to pursue a self-selected investigation of early childhood and can do so from the perspectives of professions such as journalist, cinematographer, sociologist and psychologist. Students will study the effects children’s books, toys, films and television programs in order to determine the “power” and effects they have on our developmental understandings and designs of educational needs for young children.

For more information, including a sample curriculum for each minor, visit the Undergraduate Minors section.