USC Rossier in the Media, March 2018

April 1, 2018

Mentions of USC Rossier faculty, students and other related news

More armed security officers in US schools, study finds
Associated Press, March 29, 2018
Ron Avi Astor talks about better approaches to preventing gun violence.

Are private schools really better than public schools? A look at the data
The Washington Post, March 27, 2018
An opinion columnist describes the research of Mary Helen Immordino-Yang on the psychological and neurobiological bases of social emotion.

Creating racially and ethnically diverse faculties
Inside Higher Ed, March 26, 2018
In an op-ed, Estela Mara Bensimon details the equity needs behind changing practices for hiring faculty.

Candidates for California’s top school chief post call for more transparency in spending of state funds
EdSource, March 20, 2018
A summary of a policy forum for candidates for state superintendent hosted by the USC Rossier Center on Education Policy, Equity and Governance. The forum was also featured in LA School Report.

2019 best grad schools preview: Top 10 education schools
U.S. News & World Report, March 16, 2018
In its annual ranking of graduate schools of education, U.S. News ranked USC Rossier as a top 10 institution.

Beyond the guns: Focus on creating safe school climates
Lexington Herald-Leader, March 16, 2018
An op-ed quotes draws on statements from Ron Avi Astor about preventing mass shootings. The op-ed also ran in the Courier Journal.

California should stay the course with its education plan
EdSource, March 12, 2018
In a commentary piece, Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the Learning Policy Institute, uses data from a USC Rossier/PACE poll showing public support for the California School Dashboard.

Good bet for the office NCAA pool: Black men will play and white men will profit
The Washington Post, March 11, 2018
In an op-ed, Shaun R. Harper discusses findings from his report on inclusion and graduation rates for Black male student-athletes. Harper found persistent disparities between Black men as a percentage of undergraduates and how many were on sports teams for schools in NCAA Division I Power Five schools. His report was also featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Columbus Business First, Diverse, ESPN, The Herald Sun, Inside Higher Ed, NPR and The Wall Street Journal. Harper also wrote about his research for The Root, and discussed it on NPR’s Code Switch.

Leading in turbulent times: A survey of presidents
Inside Higher Ed, March 9, 2018
Estela Mara Bensimon offers expertise on race relations in higher education, and why she’s skeptical that surveys of college presidents are accurate reflections of race relations on campuses.

Will teachers’ strikes happen more often in a post-Janus world?
Education Week, March 6, 2018
As teachers went on strike in West Virginia, Bradley Marianno discusses right-to-work laws and the rarity of teachers’ strikes. Marianno also discussed the topic in a guest column for the Rick Hess Straight Up blog.

Change the discussion on standardized tests
Inside Higher Ed, March 5, 2018
In an op-ed, Emily Chung, Don Hossler and Jerry Lucido, of the USC Rossier Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice argue that it’s time to move away from absolutist positions about the value of standardized tests in college admissions.

Universities need to confront their past, not omit it
University World News, March 2, 2018
In an op-ed, William G. Tierney argues that institutions must be honest about their pasts when honoring their heritages.