USC Rossier in the Media, July 2017

August 2, 2017

Mentions of USC Rossier faculty, students and other related news

Outraged students claim their college is kicking people out
Good, July 31, 2017
Don Hossler of the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice explains the possible reasons why University of California, Irvine, rescinded admissions offers to 500 potential students. Hossler also spoke about the matter with Inside Higher Ed.

Urban colleges move into K-12 schools to help kids and themselves
The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 2017
Two related articles examine how universities partner with local public schools, and spotlight a partnership between USC Rossier and Ednovate schools, both featuring expertise from Dean Karen Symms Gallagher.

The Don’t Do It Depository
Education Next, July 27, 2017
In a commentary, Morgan Polikoff calls for a warehouse for failed education ideas, an “annals of what doesn’t work.”

The collateral damage of testing pressure
The Atlantic, July 25, 2017
Morgan Polikoff discusses proposals to extend standardized testing to students in K-2 grades. This article was published first by Chalkbeat.

Do challenges make school seem impossible or worthwhile?
The Conversation, July 24, 2017
Daphna Oyserman
In a commentary, Daphna Oyserman and USC Dornsife College doctoral student Oliver Fisher discuss how motivation can affect educational attainment.

The top-paid public university presidents
Forbes, July 17, 2017
William Tierney talks about what kind of legislative oversight is needed for public university presidents.

USC dean drug use allegations not likely to slow fundraising, expert says
KPCC, July 17, 2017
William Tierney talks about what USC needs to do following news about drug use by the former medical school dean.

Social-emotional-learning researchers gather input from educators
Education Week, July 16, 2017
Mary Helen Immordino-Yang is featured as part of a group of scientists who are building bridges between research and classroom practice.

How higher education is bad for America
Fortune, July 13, 2017
In a commentary, Shaun R. Harper says that Republicans who think higher education is damaging the United States are right, but not for the reasons they might think.

Love after loss: Deciding to date after the death of a spouse
KPCC, July 11, 2017
Mary Andres offers expertise about the societal stigma of finding love again after losing a partner.

LAUSD board members to get whopping raises
CBS, July 11, 2017
Larry Picus discusses how much money board members of major school districts should get—or if they should get any at all.

When I’m groped at a wedding, is it sexual harassment? Yes, yes it is.
The Washington Post, July 12, 2017
Ginger Clark explains why she thinks harassment can be common at weddings.

This is your brain on hate
CNET, July 8, 2017
Brendesha Tynes talks about what toll is taken on the human body from being exposed to constant online hatred.