USC Rossier in the Media, January 2018

February 1, 2018

Mentions of USC Rossier faculty, students and other related news

American University joins schools spending big to improve racial climate
Washington Business Journal, January 31, 2018
American University is pouring funds into a new inclusion initiative, but Shaun R. Harper offers cautions about how such programs can go off track.

Here’s one way to dispel misconceptions about the common core
Education Week, January 29, 2018
A new research project by Stephen Aguilar, Morgan Polikoff and Gale Sinatra shows how to counter myths about Common Core State Standards.

Rethinking remediation
Inside Higher Ed, January 24, 2018
Research from Shaun R. Harper suggests why colleges may difficulty in improving remediation courses.

Admissions officers who overshare online
Inside Higher Ed, January 22, 2018
Don Hossler suggests that colleges and universities offer training to new admissions officers that goes beyond what they need to know for official duties.

From 37,000 feet, 5 questions about college admissions
The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 21, 2018
A review of presentation at this year’s annual conference of the Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice, including Mary Helen Immordino-Yang describing the role of neuroscience in college admissions, and Darnell Cole talking about overlooked problems in admissions practices. The conference was also noted in Education Week.

Students of color account for two-thirds of school-related arrests
NPR, January 20, 2018
Analysis of federal data shows disparate rates in K-12 discipline, and Alan G. Green discusses what effect that discipline can have.

Can 600-plus California districts narrow the achievement gap?
EdSource, January 12, 2018
Julie Marsh explains the value of data provided by the California School Dashboard.

Take it from a former Division I athlete: College sports are like Jim Crow
Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2018
Research from Shaun R. Harper shows how black students are way overrepresented on the sports teams of major universities compared to their student bodies in general.

Cal State rails against Governor Brown’s budget proposal
KPCC, January 11, 2018
William G. Tierney talks about the complexities and politics of funding the Cal State University system.

Department of Justice probes admissions ethics code
Inside Higher Ed, January 10, 2018
Jerry Lucido offers skepticism of the motives behind a federal investigation into the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, which has taken a stronger tone toward the need to help historically marginalized student populations.

Tips for a successful job talk
Inside Higher Ed, January 10, 2018
In a commentary, Stephen J. Aguilar outlines some suggestions to avoid common pitfalls in professional presentations.

The faculty of the future
Inside Higher Ed, January 10, 2018
In a commentary, Adrianna Kezar, Daniel Scott and Hannah Yang describe the need to address outdates faculty models.

A checklist for transformative leaders
The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 7, 2018
A guide to transformative leadership includes scholarship by Shaun R. Harper on the need to avoid “deficit models” in student assessment.

As college costs keep rising for students, so does presidential pay. Could that change?
The Washington Post, January 5, 2018
William G. Tierney gives expertise on growing pay discrepancies in higher education, saying that it mirrors the corporate world.

Avoiding ‘missed opportunities’ in writing instruction
Education Week, January 3, 2018
In the Classroom Q&A With Larry Ferlazzo blog, Eugenia Mora-Flores talks about teachers being facilitators of student work instead of editors.

Racial minorities feel like outsiders at some colleges, USC diversity expert says
EdSource, January 3, 2018
In a wide-ranging interview, Shaun R. Harper discusses college campus climate and plans for a new survey of student attitudes.

Here’s what KPCC reporters say will be the biggest issues to watch in 2018
KPCC, January 1, 2018
Tatiana Melguizo explains the importance of California’s efforts to improve college remediation.