Shanghai Normal University’s Teacher Training Institute

Pingping Zhang and Chong Zhao

Pingping Zhang (Language Arts) and Chong Zhao (Comparative Literatures), two of the 10 delegates from Shanghai Normal University

USC Rossier’s Global Professional Development program is hosting the Teacher Training Institute from Shanghai Normal University, with 10 delegates who have been engaged in two months of intensive guided learning. This custom program includes the largest number of Rossier faculty ever involved in a single professional development program (9!) and continues USC Rossier’s valued partnership with Shanghai Normal University. Teaching a wide range of modules in both theory and practice are Shafiqa Ahmadi, Paula Carbone, Alan Green, Sandy Kaplan, Jessica Manzone, Kate O’Connor, John Pascarella, Julie Slayton and Ken Yates.

Of our faculty, student leader Pingping Zhang comments, “When I came to USC, I assumed the lessons would be teacher-delivered lectures, but these professors really put theory into practice and show us various teaching styles, technology for facilitating teaching and ways for us to see the fruits of our knowledge.”

In addition to their in-class learning, teacher apprentices have been involved in observation and guided practice at Portola Highly Gifted Magnet and Middle School, where they are matched with US middle school teachers for their observations and co-teaching.

“We are quite impressed by the teachers’ great performances at Portola Middle School,” says Chong Zhao. “We have seen how to create effective interactions with students, how to make teaching more systematic and have had the opportunity to communicate with experts in education. This is just the beginning of our journey. We want to be successful teachers for younger generations.”

The Shanghai Normal teachers-in-training come from such diverse fields as Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature, Musicology and Danceology, English Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Chemistry Curriculum and Teaching Methodology, Modern Educational Technology, Biology Education, World History, Zoology, Educational Principles and Applied Mathematics.

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