Rossier strengthens ties with Beijing Normal University

Chinese delegation from Beijing Normal University

Chinese delegation from Beijing Normal University

A delegation of faculty members from Beijing Normal University, the top-ranked Chinese school of education, visited Rossier on April 26, 2013 en route to the AERA conference in San Francisco. Rossier and Beijing Normal University faculty have collaborated for many years, including EdD study tours. The highlight of the meeting was when the deans of both schools signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further strengthen collaboration with students, faculty exchanges, and research collaborations.

In addition to Dean Karen Symms Gallagher, the following Rossier faculty participated in the meeting: Dominic Brewer, Robert Filback, Frederick Freking, Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Julie Marsh, Maria Ott, Julie Slayton, Katharine Strunk, and Tracy Tambascia. Maria Ott will lead an Edd study tour that includes BNU in May and Tracy Tambascia will lead a PASA student trip that includes BNU in June.

The Beijing Normal delegates were led by Dean Shi Zhongying and included Du Liang. Kan Wei, Liu Fuxing, Liu Qiang, Liu Shuiyun, Yu Yafeng, Zeng Xiaodong, Zhang Lili, Zhou Jinyan, and Zhu Zhiyong.