Rossier faculty presenting at USC Teaching With Technology conference

Several Rossier faculty members are presenting at the upcoming 2013 Teaching With Technology Conference at USC. The May 6th event, which is being presented by the Center for Scholarly Technology, will examine the nexus of mobility, learning, and health, and the pivotal role of technology.

Powerful mobile technologies are ubiquitous and constantly changing the boundaries of where and how learning takes place. “Learning in Motion” highlights the profound influence of technology on every aspect of our daily lives and the ease with which we move through time and space to connect with new learning opportunities. Our goal is to introduce advancements in technology that can jumpstart our thinking about new ways that technology can support innovation in teaching and learning at USC.

Rossier faculty presenting include:

  • Angela “Laila” Hasan, participating in a panel titled, “The Flipped Campus – Reimagining USC Learning Spaces, Places and Motion”
  • Susan Metros, giving the introduction for The Provost Prize for Teaching With Technology, moderating a panel titled, “mLearning” and moderating the keynote given by Maja Mataric, “Socially Assistive Robots: Teaching Us, Teaching Them”
  • Zoe Corwin, moderating a panel titled, “Assessment Strategies”
  • Melanie Brady, participating in the “Mobile Tools Lightning Round”
  • Mary Mardirosian & Tracy Tambascia, participating in a panel titled, “Multimedia Inside & Outside the Classroom”