PASA alumnus is latest to “Refer to Rossier”

Tatevik Melkumyan was referred to the ME PASA program at USC Rossier by Henan Joof ME PASA ’11, whom she knew as a student at Glendale Community College.

I feel very well prepared to enter the field of student affairs. Henan was a huge influence on why I chose the program and I think it is really important that alumni connect with prospective students. He guided me throughout the application process and even connected me with other students. His involvement and willingness to help made the transition easier, as I felt connected to PASA and Rossier. – Melkumyan

Henan Joof ME PASA ’11, now an EdD candidate at USC Rossier, said he recommended the program to his former student because it had been so valuable to him:

Tatevik Melkumyan and Henan Joof ME PASA ’11

Tatevik Melkumyan and Henan Joof ME PASA ’11

“I personally had a great experience in the PASA program, the curriculum gave me the tools to be a better student advocate; the instructors inspired me to take on the challenges that exist in higher education; the advisors assisted me in juggling school and work; and the program as a whole gave me the opportunity to gain skills and competencies both in class and at conferences or through fieldwork to become a better student affairs employee.

“Tatevik was one of my best students. She had already proven herself as a student leader, and I thought she could benefit from the program.”