Curriculum Overview

The Summer Gifted Institute AND Demonstrations provide an opportunity to observe the implementation of the most current curriculum ideas and instructional strategies to differentiate curriculum to identify and accommodate academically, linguistically, and culturally diverse gifted students. This seminar is intended for novice to advanced Pre-K-12 teachers, coaches, and administrators.

The 37th Annual Summer Gifted Institute: Redefining and Refining Gifted Education Differentiating standards-based curricula across all grade and subject areas

  • promoting opportunities to recognize potential in the diversity among all students
  • supporting a non-traditional form of identification
  • providing the spill-over of differentiation to all students
  • integrating cultural relevancy and social emotional learning with differentiation

Differentiating the Conference Pattern

General Session: general orientation of topical areas

Specialized Sessions: array of various demonstrations and extensions

Individualized Sessions: one-on-one consultations