Tuition and Qualifications

Tuition for the School Leadership Academy is $10,000. When registering, you will be charged the non-refundable $500 deposit. Please note, you must make your tuition payment of $9,500 November 13, 2020. A $100 late fee will be charged beginning November 27th. If no payment is made by December 11, 2020, you will forfeit your place in the cohort and lose your deposit.

Participant Qualifications:

  • Hold a valid teaching OR PPS credential
  • Verify a minimum of three years professional, full-time experience (see note below)
  • Letter of recommendation from your site administrator and/or the individual who will oversee your two semesters of fieldwork.

NoteIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential from the CTC, you must have verification of five years of full-time credentialed experience. You must verify your years of experience from your current and/or previous employer by submitting a document or documents signed by the HR administrator on district or school letterhead certifying 5 years of full-time employment. These do not have to be consecutive years of employment. You may start the School Leadership Academy with no fewer than three and a half years of full-time credentialed experience so that upon completion of the program, you have the requisite five years of credentialed experience. If you have fewer than five years of full-time credentialed experience upon completion of the program, you will have to wait until you have reached the five-year mark before your recommendation is submitted to the CTC.

For further information contact:

Dr. Allison Leggett
(213) 740-7775