Tuition and Qualifications

Tuition for the School Leadership Academy is $10,000. This can be paid in four equal payments of $2,500 due one month prior to the start of each semester

Participant Qualifications:

  • Hold a valid teaching OR PPS credential
  • Verify a minimum of three years professional, full-time experience (see note below)
  • Letter of recommendation from your site administrator and/or the individual who will oversee your two semesters of fieldwork.

NoteIn order to receive the Preliminary Administrative Credential from the CTC, you must have verification of five years of full-time experience. You must verify your years of experience to the CTC for your current and/or previous employer using the CL-41 Form provided by the CTC. You may start the School Leadership Academy with no fewer than three years of full-time experience so that upon completion of the program, you have the requisite five years of experience. If you have fewer than five years of full-time experience upon completion of the program, you will have to wait until you have reached the five-year mark before your recommendation is submitted to the CTC.

For further information contact:

Kate O’Connor
(213) 821-5504