This program is delivered approximately 15% in person and 85% online. The program is designed to simulate a year in the life of a K-12 school district business office. You will be solving real world problems through over 40 different activities and assignments, some done in groups and some done individually. The assessment of your work is mapped on to a set of 13 competencies defined by the American School Business Officer (ASBO) organization’s Standards and Ethics for School Business Officers. You will be part of a cohort of no more than 40 students and will stay with the same cohort for the full extent of the program.

Download the SBMCP Brochure for more details.



The School Business Management coursework is divided into four quarters bookended by a Boot Camp to kiczk start your learning and a Leadership Capstone session to bring the program to closure. The sequence of learning activities are partially dictated by the policies and procedures of budget management and oversight in the state of California. Other simulations appear sporadically as they would in real life. The overall goal of the program is to give participants a laboratory to apply leadership and management principles in the context of K-12 public education.

The content covered in this program meets or exceeds all the CASBO CBO Certification requirements.  Graduates immediately become fully compliant to apply for CASBO CBO Certification.