Tuition and Registration


Program Fees: $1,200

*For groups of 5 or more from a single district or school, the fee is $1000 per participant.

Registration Information for 2021-2022

Program Start Date: November 1, 2021
Program End Date: June 2022

Individuals and groups may register online using a credit card for the Differentiated Curriculum for Gifted Students certificate program. If paying with a purchase order or check, please contact Kate O’Connor to process your registrations.

Register online

Kate O’Connor

Admission Standards

To participate in this program:

  • You must hold a teaching credential and currently hold a position in the education system.
  • You will be expected to download the information provided as well as engage in learning discussions with your classmates on a weekly basis.
  • You will be required to implement the curriculum lessons and materials presented in the course with actual students in your classroom.
  • You will be required to compile student work samples to report and reflect on their learning from the differentiated curriculum and provide evidence of achievement related to the stated learning outcomes.
  • You must complete all four modules in order to earn the certificate and must take the modules in numerical order.