Course Descriptions

The Teaching English to Students of Other Languages minor

EDUC 411: Foundation of TESOL (4 units)

This course is an opportunity to examine the ways in which sociocultural context and language influence English language learning and teaching. This course is guided by TESOL Standards for foundational knowledge and skills for teachers of English as a second or other language around language and culture (TESOL, 2010, p. 19). The TESOL standard foundations include the knowledge and ability to reflect on one’s teaching practice in terms of language as a system, language acquisition and development, and culture as it affects student learning

EDUC 412: Instructional Methods in TESOL (4 units)

The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to methods of teaching English as a second/foreign language that can be used to design lessons appropriate for student ages, English abilities, and backgrounds. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the methods pertaining to TESOL along with a critical examination of the underlying principles of these various methodologies. Attention will focus on how various approaches and techniques can be realized in practice, in a range of contexts or educational settings, and for a variety of different learners.

EDUC 426: Educational Inquiry (4 units)

This course introduces students to educational inquiry and is guided by a skills-­‐based approach that will support students in learning how to conduct it. Educational Research is essential to educational theory and practice. Students are constantly exposed to educational research in other courses in the education minor and in the media. This Course is intended to be practically useful to students’ future in education both as a practitioners and researchers as well as informed and productive members of society. Understanding and applying the scientific method in educational research offers students the opportunity to develop a more systematic understanding of themselves and specific educational experiences in a given context.